Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I suck at Blogging!

Ok so I haven't done a blog in a very long time! When I started the blog I thought I would update it, but we all know that hasn't really happened. It's tough to find time to write on this thing between the tough 20 hour work weeks and the 25 hour training blocks! I mean you throw a nap or two in there and I'm booked! After thousands of emails from my fans and cycling groupies telling me that they miss my amazing writing I am finally breaking down and doing a blog entry. I'm not even going to try to catch up on all that has happened, because there is just to much. The season is over now and I have scaled back my training a little bit and it is killing me. I am forcing myself not to do as much and I hate it! If the goal in cycling was to run your body into the ground I would be one of the all time greats! The season had it's usual ups and downs with some good results and some sh*tty results. I raced all the way thru September which was a first for me and ended the season with a crazy *ss crit in Las Vegas during Interbike. As a team we did awesome! We always rode as a team and was a major presence in all the races we did. The Boschinator had something like 14 wins and put a stamp on being one of the best crit riders in the state if not country! We had Joel and Eric throwing down and adding some wins and consistant results from everybody! I was happy because I was doing some of my best rides at the end of the year, which has not been the case in years past. I rode well in the Cal Cup and did good times at Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ashland. I got a personal best time of 33:11 up the Tollhouse Grade, which nobody really cares about outside of Fresno County, but is a good way for me to judge my fitness and progress. Next I plan on easing back into training and doing some local psycho cross. See you in another 5 months. I'm out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rest weeks crush me!

So I am on a rest week and I hate it! I know I need to rest but it makes me feel like such a piece of @#&%. I did ride today to the Millerton Store and back. It was a huge 28 miles and an hour and a half of ride time. I almost don't even want to ride, I feel like it's to much trouble to get my cycling kit on for an hour and a half! I have the type of personality where whatever I do I am all or nothing. So on my rest weeks I feel like doing nothing!
This weekend me and the Sierra Pacific Boys did Pine Flat RR and Dinuba Crit. The team rode great and we got 2nd at Pine Flat and we were 1st and 2nd at Dinuba Crit! You can check out the race reports at our team blog at www.norcalracing.blogspot.com I have been very happy with the team this year! We have rode very well together and there is a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. We have a ton of horsepower and we have great guys off the bike. I think there will be many more good results to come. This weekend I am doing Snelling and "the old Merced Crit" Snelling is pretty flat and seems like doing a really big crit. It seems like it's always a "crap shoot". I haven't finished the Merced Crit without crashing yet. My first year of racing I was in the 4's and a guy crashed right in front of me and I flew over the bars! Then last year in the Pro 1/2 I crashed twice in the rain! After the second crash I just bagged it! I also think it's suppose to rain this weekend, which could make Snelling a sufferfest if it's rainy and windy. As for Merced if I can stay off the pavement that will be a win in my book!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boulevard Road Race-OUCH!

Did the Boulevard road race down in San Diego on saturday and it was tough! There was a full field of 100 and full squads from Toyota, Kelly Benefits, Jelly Belly and Rock Racing. The race was 90 miles with 12,000+ ft. of climbing(why did I sign up??) The first lap just before the climb a group of 13 guys rolled off the front. There wasn't much of a reaction from the field so I didn't panic. When we got to the climb Blackgrove from Toyota attacked and I went with him and so did 2 Kelly Benefit guys. We got a good gap and started working together, we chased for almost a lap and caught the group just before the second lap climb. The second time up the climb was pretty mellow and by the time we got to the top another group of 8 guys had bridged. So there was a group of about 25 guys and this is when the attacks started. The whole 3rd lap was attack after attack and the group even split a couple of times in a few very windy sections. It pretty much stayed together until the 3rd time up the climb and then the sh*t hit the fan! The group shattered into 4 groups and I ended up in the 3rd group. There was 5 of us total and worked together pretty well. By the 4th and final time up the climb I was in survival mode and got 4th in my group sprint, coming across the line in 19th place. Just inside the money :) I was pretty happy with the way I rode. I think I could have done better if the climbs were a little bit steeper, but it was good experience and a great workout.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am retiring from cycling

I went out to my garage today and saw that I had yet another flat on my bike! These are a different set of wheels that I was getting flats on before. I have made the decision that I must retire from cycling, because I simply can't afford tubes. My tube bill at Rubber Soul Bike shop is $7,899.32 I have come to the conclusion that I will need to get 7 more jobs to pay off my debt and I now will not have enough time to train. It's been wonderful and have a nice life

Sunday, January 13, 2008

D-man's Birthday and a little bike riding

Went on the "big" local ride on saturday. We left Willow and Copper at 8:00am with about 30 to 35 guys. We should have just dropped the pants and measured before the ride started! Went hard up to Prather, the group split and half went and did powerhouse loop and half did lodge road up burroughs valley, down wild cat. Me and the Sierra Pacific boys chose the latter. I rode hard up burrough valley and then we rode pretty hard on the climb before the wild cat descent. Everywhere else we rode tempo. After the ride I went to the Boschinator's 1 year old son's birthday at Me n Ed's. I have to say that he is probably the coolest kid I have ever met. I wonder where he got it? Must have got it from his mom's side, maybe a little from his dad:) I ate way to much pizza and cake and have been starving myself ever since, trying to burn the 7,000 calories that I ate. Showed up at Willow and Copper this morning at 8:00am and the usual showed up with a couple other guys. I don't understand it, don't people ride on Sundays???? Maybe they ride later or meet somewhere else and I am not on the inside of the circle, who knows? We rode pretty easy to Friant and then Coby got to the front and drilled it for about 5 minutes! After that it was a hammer fest to Spring Valley school and then all the way back. I didn't feel very good in the beginning but I ended up riding pretty good. Isn't that usually how it is? You feel great and you ride like sh*t and then you feel bad and ride well. All in all it was a fun weekend.